These Republican senators voted to impeach Clinton

This is something to keep in mind if the Senate has to vote on a Trump impeachment.  Certainly, Clinton lying about a blow job is less serious than the Trump/Russia obstruction.

Republicans will use the threat of impeachment to energize their base

I have said before that Democrats should concentrate on issues like health care, gun safety, income inequality, racism, etc. instead of impeachment.

This article discusses how Republicans will use the threat of impeachment if Democrats win the House to energize their voters.


This is a good column on why impeaching Trump won’t work based on the Clinton impeachment effort from the 1990s.  

There’s also this point.  Democrats should stick to the real issues.

Also, Republicans could use the threat of impeachment to motivate their base.

We should let the investigations play out and see where they take us.  I think it’s likely they will find criminal financial dealings by Trump but I doubt they will send him to jail.


Forget about impeachment

This column makes an excellent point.  Impeachment of Trump (if there are grounds for it), is extremely unlikely. Even if the House brings charges, it’s almost impossible to project 67 votes in the Senate to convict him.

If Trump is guilty of crimes (and I will wait on the conclusion of the Mueller investigation for their opinion), indictment is the better approach.