Trump thinks “The people would revolt” if he is impeached.

Maybe his many gun-toting supporters would turn to violence like they have done because of his white-nationalist rhetoric.  Trump encourages violence.

I want Trump to be indicted

I think it’s obvious Trump is a felon.  If Michael Cohen committed felonies over Stormy Daniels/Karen McDougal, how is Trump not guilty too?  Plus he could be guilty of other crimes depending on what Mueller and the Southern District of New York find.

I don’t want impeachment.  It will fail in the Senate if the House brings charges.  Do you really think 20 Republican Senators would vote for conviction no matter what the evidence is?  I doubt it.  Then Trump will say he is vindicated.  The Clinton impeachment process certainly didn’t hurt his popularity.

There are different opinions on whether a sitting president can be indicted.  If it has to wait, there are issues concerning the statute of limitations.  I am posting tweets with links to articles by legal and political experts.

Would Democrats impeach Trump?

I hope not. As the article below points out, it would likely fail in the Senate:

“In Mr. Trump’s case, a Democratic House might impeach him, but even if Democrats take the Senate, they would still be far from the two-thirds necessary for conviction, meaning that 15 or more Republicans would have to go along. Such a scenario seems unlikely unless the special counsel, Robert Mueller, produces a report with such damning information that it transforms the current political dynamics.”

If Trump is a criminal (and I think it will turn out that he is), I want indictments the moment he is no longer president.  He deserves to be treated like anyone else.

Almost half the country supports impeachment

Impeachment will fail in the Senate.  Not enough Republicans would vote to convict, no matter how much evidence there is that Trump should be removed.

I want indictments, even if we have to wait until 1/20/21.  If Cohen committed crimes with the payoffs, didn’t Trump commit them too?

If Trump is guilty, I want indictments, not impeachment

I’m going to assume that Trump is guilty of something for this post.  I think he’s guilty of collusion and obstruction but I defer to Mueller and will accept his conclusions.

So lets say Mueller finds he’s guilty… then what?

This article says that Mueller would not indict Trump:

“Mr. Mueller has told the president’s lawyers that he will follow Justice Department guidance that sitting presidents cannot be indicted. Rather than charge Mr. Trump if he finds evidence of wrongdoing, he is more likely to write a report that can be sent to Congress for lawmakers to consider impeachment proceedings.”

To me, impeachment is a waste of time.

First, nothing will happen unless Democrats take the House, no matter how guilty Trump is.

Second, even if the House brings charges, you won’t get 2/3 of the Senate to convict him.  You won’t get the needed Republican votes (somewhere around 17).  There are not that many Republican senators who would vote to convict.  They are afraid of their Trump cult base who will believe he is innocent regardless of the facts.

Third, a failed impeachment attempt would probably not hurt him.  It didn’t hurt Clinton (who was charged with minor stuff compared to this).  Trump’s side would say it proves he is innocent.   Giuliani keeps saying public opinion is Trump’s jury.  To me, this is just how Trump’s cult sees the accusations of sexual harassment.  Trump was elected, therefore the public decided he was innocent.

Fourth, the Democratic House should concentrate on legislation to help people on issues such as health care.

I understand that a lot of the Democratic base hates Trump (since I do) and wants impeachment but it’s not the best way to punish him if he is guilty.

If Trump can’t be indicted while he is president, I want him to be indicted the day after he leaves office (hopefully 1/21/21).  If he’s a criminal, he should be treated like any other crook – no worse but no better.

Lock him up!


These Republican senators voted to impeach Clinton

This is something to keep in mind if the Senate has to vote on a Trump impeachment.  Certainly, Clinton lying about a blow job is less serious than the Trump/Russia obstruction.

Republicans will use the threat of impeachment to energize their base

I have said before that Democrats should concentrate on issues like health care, gun safety, income inequality, racism, etc. instead of impeachment.

This article discusses how Republicans will use the threat of impeachment if Democrats win the House to energize their voters.


This is a good column on why impeaching Trump won’t work based on the Clinton impeachment effort from the 1990s.  

There’s also this point.  Democrats should stick to the real issues.

Also, Republicans could use the threat of impeachment to motivate their base.

We should let the investigations play out and see where they take us.  I think it’s likely they will find criminal financial dealings by Trump but I doubt they will send him to jail.