Missouri suppressed a study showing mask mandates worked

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Republican anti-mask policies are resulting in school Covid outbreaks

Arizona – Ducey’s bad actions against mask mandates

Mask mandates are popular – you would never know it from social media or watching TV

The media just focuses on what looks dramatic on TV. Normal people behaving responsibly is boring. Republican governors like Ducey, Abbott and DeSantis are just trying to score points with the Trump cult.

Polls show support for mask mandates

There is public support for mask mandates for some or all people. All you see on TV are people who are violently opposed to them.

This is what the media covers:

Keep wearing a mask after you are vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccines may reduce transmission, experts say, but vaccinated Americans still need to wear masks in public. Here’s why. (yahoo.com)

One reason I still wear a mask even though I am fully vaccinated is to encourage others to wear one. When I walk outside, strangers who see me don’t know that I have received the vaccine. If I don’t wear a mask, it may reinforce the thinking of others who don’t wear one.