The NRA doesn’t care about the black security guard in Chicago who was killed

It doesn’t seem that they defend black people who legally use guns. This man was a hero.



They didn’t defend Philandro Castile either.

The NRA’s internal split over Philandro Castile

update 11/17/18


update 11/24/18

Which Americans support the Second Amendment? The answer depends on whether whites or blacks have the guns.

A group of NFL players on pardons

This article notes: “Earlier this month, President Donald Trump said he wants professional athletes who kneel during the National Anthem to protest racial injustice to tell him who they think the President should pardon next.

On Thursday, a group of NFL players responded to the President in a New York Times an op-ed. But the athletes aren’t giving Trump a list of names. Instead, they call for broader changes to the criminal justice system.”
I strongly recommend reading the column – see the link to the New York Times above.
The players write: “But a handful of pardons will not address the sort of systemic injustice that N.F.L. players have been protesting. These are problems that our government has created, many of which occur at the local level. If President Trump thinks he can end these injustices if we deliver him a few names, he hasn’t been listening to us.”