DACA: Is Trump lying or ignorant?

Trump claims that people are sneaking into America because of DACA but you had to be here by 2007 to qualify for DACA.  He blames Democrats but he’s the one that terminated DACA and turned down reasonable deals that would not have been acceptable to the bigots that are a large part of his base.  He could have a DACA deal if he wanted one.

Is he lying or is he that ignorant on the facts?  I think he’s lying to get his base worked up his most reliable issue – immigration.  He says nonsense like “Our country is being stolen.” 

He says the Democrats want no borders – that’s just an outrageous lie with no basis in fact.

As this column states about Trump’s underlying message: “The just-below-the-surface message is this: White people made this country great. Brown people are flooding in. They pose an existential threat to your daily life and what the future holds for your children.”

I reject the lies and bigotry!  Sad!


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