Trump is talking about voter fraud so he can claim fraud if Republicans lose the House in 2018

Trump continues to lie about voter fraud in the 2016 election.  In particular, he has claimed there was massive voter fraud in California, a state that voted for Clinton.

I think he’s doing it to set up claims of voter fraud for the midterm elections in 2018 if the Republicans lose the House of Representatives.  I don’t think he will accept the results if his party loses and he will claim they are fraudulent.  His followers will believe him since they believe all of the lies he makes.  In late 2016, 52% of Republicans thought Trump won the popular vote.  That’s not true.  This is an analysis of why Trump keeps claiming voter fraud.

I can see a scenario where he tries to block the seating of Democratic representatives.  We know he likes authoritarian leaders and that Congressional Republicans will do nothing to stop him.  Remember, he said the 2016 election was rigged and he would only accept the results if he won.

Losing the House would be very bad for Trump.  In addition to making it harder to pass legislation, there will be endless investigations (like the Republican Benghazi ones) and possibly impeachment proceedings.  Trump will do everything possible to avoid this result.

There is a real problem with outdated voting machines and not enough money to fix it. 

The new budget does not have enough federal funding to solve the problems and states are not allocating the money either.

This article points out that funding will be based on population.  Shouldn’t need be the basis?

There are 13 states, including Pennsylvania, that do not have a paper trail in all counties.

Pennsylvania will be a key state in 2018 because the gerrymandered map favoring Republicans was replaced by a fair map.  The governor ordered counties to buy voting machines with paper trails but his budget doesn’t provide funding for it.

As I said before, I think the 2018 congressional elections could be a catastrophe.  Trump is already beginning to cast doubt on the integrity of the voting system.  If Republicans lose the House by a small margin, I expect Trump to question the legitimacy of the results, especially in Pennsylvania and California.  Sad!

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