Trump canceled the Eagles visit

Trump canceled the Super Bowl Champion Eagles visit to the White House tomorrow because not all players were going to attend.

This is strictly a political move to appeal to his base.

Here are tweets from Eagles player Torrey Smith.

Trump’s statement says “They disagree with their President because he insists they proudly stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military…”

That’s not why they disagree.  They don’t want to go because Trump is a racist.  The players were protesting against racial injustice.  It had nothing to do with the military.  Trump disregarded the reason for the protest and warped it into an anti-military protest.  We all support the military.  Unfortunately, Trump got the NFL to cave in. The league didn’t even consult with the players which is certainly wrong.

Public opinion is divided.  Notice the big difference depending on your party affiliation:

Making it an anti-military protest also means that Trump does not have to deal with the real issues raised by the players.  Many of his supporters are racists so they too prefer not to deal with the valid concerns raised by the players.  This is just one more way Trump is dividing the country instead of unifying it.  He only cares about his base.  He won the election but I don’t think of him as my president.  My president is not a liar or a bigot.  My president cares about all Americans.

Trump thinks of everything in terms of winning and losing instead of trying to compromise or see someone else’s point of view.  This article discussed what he told Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:  ““This is a very winning, strong issue for me,” the President told Jones, according to Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal. “Tell everybody, you can’t win this one. This one lifts me.””

Trump supporters will say that players went to see Obama even if they disagreed with him.  However, there’s a difference.  Trump is a bigot and Obama is not.  It’s not just disagreeing on political issues like taxes.  This is much more important and fundamental. I would not want my picture taken with a racist and I wouldn’t go to see Trump.

from the mayor of Philadelphia:

Here’s an excellent column by a former NFL player critical of the NFL policy.

Here are some good tweets on the new NFL policy:


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