Trump’s lies

The NFL paid for listening to Trump

The NFL had to settle with Kaepernick and Reid because they listened to Trump’s lies about the protests. They got what they deserved. The Browns signed Kareen Hunt so violence is acceptable but protests against racial injustice are not.

Trump only cares what people think about him

He’s a narcissist. If you praise him, he likes you, even in the NFL which he has attacked.

One more time: NFL players are not protesting the national anthem or the military

Trump has warped the discussion

Trump’s newest NFL tweet

He has learned nothing about race relations in the year since Charlottesville.  He just wants to stoke the bigotry of much of his base.

He is wrong saying the players are unable to define what they are protesting.  Players have said on many occasions that they are protesting racial injustice but Trump doesn’t want to deal with that issue.

He just wants the players to shut up.






Trump can always appeal to his base by attacking the NFL players

NFL ratings were up compared to overall TV ratings

Trump will ramp up his attacks on the NFL before the election because his base likes them.  The league gets what they deserve for caving in to him.  Since he knows the owners are weak, the bully will keep badgering them.  Sad!

Foreign opinion of the US is down, not up like Trump claims