I met Joey Chestnut in 2019

I thought about Joey Chestnut when I read this Washington Post Instragram post. I met him in 2019 when he was touring Hooters promoting their all-you-can eat wings. He ate 230 wing pieces in an hour which was a personal record for him.

He was very friendly and unpretentious. He even stayed around after the wing-eating was over.

Joey Chestnut and me 8/21/19

Covers: Have I the Right?

?The Honeycombs had a hit with “Have I the Right” as part of the British Invasion in 1964. I really liked the song then and had the 45.

Republican Supreme Court’s terrible eviction ruling

They only support presidential power when a Republican is president.

Elmore James

Elmore James was one of the all-time great blues musicians. He was an incredible guitarist.

Here’s the entry on him at Find a Grave. It has this incredible sentence:

The Elmore James headstone was paid for by Phil Walden of Capricorn Records in 1991 who agreed to do so while under the effects of anesthesia administered by his dentist, who was also the person who sculpted the bronze statue of James that adorns the headstone.

Elmore James and Ike Turner!

Covers: Get Back

“Get Back” is a 1969 single by the Beatles with Billy Preston. The version on the Let It Be album does not have the coda which is on the single. Preston did one of the covers.

Florida’s Covid crisis

Made much worse by DeSantis

Trump mob update 8/25/21