Vaccine mandates work

It’s too bad the media focuses on the small amount of people who are willing to lose their jobs instead of getting vaccinated.

The Trump cult will never accept the Arizona results

Their phony audit showed Biden won but they won’t ever give up. They won’t accept the truth.

Election subversion could be real and dangerous

Commander Cody RIP

George Frayne, leader of Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, died on September 26th. They did booze and drug-infused country and were most popular in he 1970s. The biggest hit was a cover of “Hot Rod Lincoln” which I posted about already.

Update on companies who donate to the Sedition Caucus

Republicans kill police reform

I believe that they didn’t really want it and now they misrepresent what happened. Pathetic.

Take a look at the Black Film Archive

The Black Film Archive is a new site about Black Films from 1915-1979 that are streaming. It’s excellent and very comprehensive.

Regeneration: Black Cinema, 1898–1971