Biden should raise the debt ceiling

If he doesn’t, Republicans in Congress will use it as a bargaining chip to destroy good programs.

Biden deserves more credit

He’s far from perfect but he doesn’t get credit for what he has done and is still working on.

Biden agenda is popular

Biden administration moves Land Management back to Washington

He should undo as much Trump damage as possible. Trump just wanted to wreck the government.

Extend the eviction ban

I am all for extending the ban but have a few comments.

  1. get the money already allocated for rent into the hands of tenants and landlords
  2. Don’t just blame Democrats. Republicans are getting a free pass on this because nobody expects them to help people who are going to be evicted. Hold them to the same standards as Democrats. They are almost half the members of Congress. They could say and do something.

The right-wing meat lie

This is too stupid. Just another right-wing lie about Biden’s policies. This is right there with their nonsense on Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. How can Biden negotiate with liars?

How a false claim about beef and Biden’s climate plan spread (

Biden and his plans are popular

Republicans can’t accept this so they lie.

The Harriet Tubman $20 bill is coming

Trump wouldn’t do it. Biden will.