Misleading tweets on Florida and Georgia checks to some residents

Biden should get most of the credit, not DeSantis. This is very misleading.

Brian Kemp in Georgia just did something similar. Once again, a tweet failed to say it used federal money.

Florida’s DeSantis relies on federal relief funds he opposed

CNET did it again:

Biden agenda is popular

The US is way behind on family leave

Really bad it got cut

Biden’s agenda continues to be popular

Biden’s popularity has dipped but the bipartisan infrastructure plan and the reconciliation bill are still popular.

Biden and his plans are popular

Republicans can’t accept this so they lie.

Biden’s infrastructure plan

This plan is a great idea. It will help rebuild and expand our infrastructure and benefit people at the same time.

The Biden stimulus plan helps people

It helps many more people than Trump’s tax cuts for rich people. Look at the chart in the fourth tweet below.