CNN left something important out when comparing Biden and Trump

In their eagerness to appease Republicans, CNN pointed out that Biden spent more time in his Delaware home than Trump did at his properties. They left out how much Trump ripped us off by the rates he charged the Secret Service.

I pointed it out twice. Trump is a scumbag grifter. Biden is not.

Bad media coverage of Biden

I certainly am unhappy with some of his statements and actions but he gets little credit for his accomplishments.

Great column by Perry Bacon, Jr.

The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than — Trump. Here’s proof.

Biden and his plans are popular

Republicans can’t accept this so they lie.

Where Biden needs to be on TV

President Biden needs to be on Fox News. That’s the only way he will reach the Trump cult. Viewers will see that he is not the doddering old fool that his opponents have portrayed him to be. It will also give him an opportunity to explain his ideas and swat down lies that the Trump cult has spread about it. Most Republicans do not believe he was elected legitimately. This may help change their minds.

Facebook posts blame Biden for the Texas storm

not far off: