Trump defends Acosta

I think Trump is lying. He watches a lot of TV and this has been a big story. I am sure he knows about it. Remember, Trump and Bill Clinton know Epstein, too.

Labor Secretary Acosta must go.

Republican hypocrisy on Al Franken

I am not defending Al Franken’s behavior but he was pushed out of the Senate without even a hearing.  Republicans only care about sexual assault if Democrats do it.   Trump’s quote sounds like he thinks Franken should have fought it.  Trump would never admit to doing anything wrong and that’s how he thinks people should act.

Most college assault victims do not go to the police

Trump doesn’t have a damn clue.  He only cares about sexual abusers like Moore and Ailes, not the victims.  Of course, over a dozen women have accused Trump of assault. I think Trump is lying like he does on many other issues.

The assault Kavanaugh is accused of was over 30 years ago – why it still matters

I believe Christine Blasey Ford.

update 9/21