You can bet on how many false statements Trump will make tonight

I would take the over.  He’s going to crush 3.5.

The impact of Trump’s shutdown

The impact is being felt by federal employees, contractors and users of government services.  It is all Trump’s fault and totally unnecessary.

Trump lies and calls his shutdown a strike

What a liar!  The employees didn’t strike.  He prevented them from working. This is disgusting.  Let’s see if any cowardly Republicans correct him. Sad!

Shutdown impact


You can’t negotiate with Trump

First, he signaled he would sign the continuing resolution passed by the Senate which did not include money for the wall.  Then, pressured by Fox News, he said he wouldn’t.

The Vice President floated the idea of compromising in $2.5 billion for the wall.  Then Trump said he wouldn’t do it.

Trump would have had a deal last year with $25 billion for the wall in exchange for taking care of the DACA immigrants and others but then he decided he wouldn’t do it.

Trump believes in winning.  That means someone will lose.  This deal will require a compromise where both sides get something and give something.  Trump does not appear to be willing to give anything.

Why should the Democrats give in?  The wall is a poor idea – there are better ways to protect the border.  Polls show the public does not want the wall.  Only the Trump cult, which is a minority, wants it.  The public blames the Republicans for the shutdown which is correct when both houses of Congress and the White House were controlled by them.  Trump doesn’t care about the people hurt by the shutdown.  He says, with no factual basis, that the employees are mostly Democrats.  Trump only cares about his cult members, not the whole country.

Federal workers should be used as political pawns by Trump.  Democrats will pass continuing resolutions and Trump should sign them.  McConnell is gutless and won’t bring up a bill similar to the one previously passed.

Trump’s non-stop lying doesn’t help either.


The Trump shutdown

He owns it.

The majority doesn’t want the wall and more people blame Republicans than Democrats for the shutdown.