The shutdown is hurting Federal employees

Trump is hurting employees to get a wall the majority of people don’t want.  The Republican senate bill has provisions to make asylum harder – it’s not just the wall.

Open the government.  It’s Trump’s shutdown (or should I say Fox News’s shutdown since they call the shots).  I think we are paying Trump $400,000 to watch Fox TV and tell us what it says.  If I wanted to know, I would watch it myself.

They don’t understand the problems the employees have:

McConnell’s bill is a sham

It’s not a compromise.

Both can’t be true

Trump says:

  • most of the employees affected by the shutdown are Democrats
  • many of the employees affected by the shutdown support the wall and shutdown

Most Democrats oppose the wall.  Both statements can’t be true.  I think they’re both lies with no documentation to support them.


Trump is losing in the polls

The majority is still opposed to the wall and blame Trump for the shutdown.

As I saw someone say on Twitter, prior presidents knew when to give up because they did not have support:  Clinton abandoned health care and Bush gave up on privatization of Social Security.

This phony has no idea how to make a deal.  He is surrounded by the cocoon of right wing media and doesn’t know what the public really thinks.

It should be noted that this poll shows support for the wall is up but it’s still a minority position.

Of course, Trump lies about polls like he lies about everything else:

No easy way out of the shutdown

Trump has no easy way out.  He says he wants to compromise but offers nothing.  There is no reason for the Democrats to give in on a wall that the majority of the public does not support.  Only the Trump cult wants it based on the phony border crisis.  The article from Politico linked to below is alarming – he may not even end the shutdown if he issues a declaration of emergency to get the wall built.

He only cares what his base and Fox News think.  He has no interest in being president of the entire country.  He’s not a deal maker.  Sometimes, he changes his mind after he appears to agree to something.  He sees everything as winning and losing – that’s not making a deal.

White House warns shutdown could carry on after emergency declaration

Will the shutdown affect federal recruiting?

I am sure that it will.  I am also sure that many Republicans who oppose government services will see this as a benefit of the shutdown.  Who will want to work for the government and take the risk of not getting paid?  It will be much harder to get talented people to work for the government.  I was a federal employee for almost 38 years and thought it was an excellent place to work with dedicated employees doing their best to help the public.

This is in addition to the long-term damage Trump has done to the State Department and the EPA.  He doesn’t believe in the mission of either one.  It will be hard to rebuild them after he is gone now that people see their work can just be thrown away if someone like Trump is elected.

Smaller government? Some Trump supporters cheer the shutdown