Trump wants to bypass the government contracting process

Trump has no respect for government regulations that ensure a fair bidding process for government contracts.

Border fence plaque lie

  1. This project is not part of the border wall.
  2. Whatever it is, it isn’t Trump’s border wall. It belongs to all of us. They politicize everything.

Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico

If conditions were better in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, people would not seek asylum here. Foreign aid is in our interest, too, if you don’t want people to come here.

One of Trump’s lies about the wall

Trump has told a lot of lies about the wall including claims it is being built. Here’s one of the lies:

Trump’s phony emergency

Since there’s no national emergency at border, Trump has to lie to make it seem like one. He gave his opponents plenty of ammunition by basically admitting this was a political move.

Trump used the families who have lost family members to murders by illegal immigrants. I am sorry for their losses but notice that Trump never does this for the victims of gun violence. That’s because the NRA spent $30 million to get him elected.

Trump has lied about this over and over.

another repeated lie

Trump lied in his El Paso rally

I worry about the 2020 campaign and election. How are Trump and his cult going to handle if they lose? During the campaign, his claims will get wilder if he is losing and desperate to motivate his base. If he loses, will he and his cult accept the result?? I have my doubts.

Daniel Dale’s thread-always great stuff

Trump lies about everything.

El Paso update

Beto O’Rourke will be holding a rally tonight at the same time Trump’s rally is happening. Once again, le me point out that El Paso’s crime rate was declining before they built a barrier there. Trump is lying again.

The comments are great.

Even the Republican mayor of El Paso said Trump is wrong about El Paso.

Trump lies about human trafficking

Another poll shows the majority doesn’t want Trump’s wall