Trump’s nonsense about border trafficking

I am sure he is just making stuff up again.

Both can’t be true

Trump says:

  • most of the employees affected by the shutdown are Democrats
  • many of the employees affected by the shutdown support the wall and shutdown

Most Democrats oppose the wall.  Both statements can’t be true.  I think they’re both lies with no documentation to support them.


Trump is losing in the polls

The majority is still opposed to the wall and blame Trump for the shutdown.

As I saw someone say on Twitter, prior presidents knew when to give up because they did not have support:  Clinton abandoned health care and Bush gave up on privatization of Social Security.

This phony has no idea how to make a deal.  He is surrounded by the cocoon of right wing media and doesn’t know what the public really thinks.

It should be noted that this poll shows support for the wall is up but it’s still a minority position.

Of course, Trump lies about polls like he lies about everything else:

Trump continues to lie about Mexico paying for the wall

He lies when he says he never said Mexico would pay for the wall with a check.  Why does he tell lies that are easily disproven?

He lies when he says his new trade deal would pay for the wall – the benefits would go to businesses.



Trump’s wall is a bad idea

He’s just pushing it to appease his base.  Many people who live on the border are opposed to it.  There will be suits over eminent domain when the government seizes property.

Trump’s endless lies about the border

He lied before he went to the border.

He lied when he visited the border.

He’s lying now after his trip to the border.

There is no crisis.

Drugs primarily come in through legal checkpoints – the wall wouldn’t stop that.

Everyone wants better border security – the wall is not the best method.