You can bet on how many false statements Trump will make tonight

I would take the over.  He’s going to crush 3.5.

We don’t need a wall

Only Trump’s cult wants the wall.  It’s a phony crisis.




Trump will lie about his phony border crisis tonight

At least, since he has lied so much, the network fact checkers will be ready.

The Democrats will rebut his lies – will Fox News carry the rebuttal?

Trump administration lies about terrorists coming across the border

The 4,000 figure includes people arriving at other US locations.  The actual total for the Mexican border is 6 or 12.  I have seen both numbers but that’s way below 4,000.  The border crisis is phony.   It’s another Trump lie.

Trump considers declaring a phony national emergency to build his wall


Trump lies when he says a lot of terrorists are coming through the border with Mexico

Another Trump lie.  Sad!