Trump doesn’t want to pay contractors for the shutdown

Contractors such as the custodial staff and cafeteria workers do not work for the government. They are private employees not covered by the agreement to pay federal workers for the shutdown. Many would be among the people who could least afford going without a paycheck. Democrats want to reimburse them but Trump doesn’t. Sad!

If Democrats cave in, Trump would use the shutdown again

Don’t let him make this an effective tactic!

Ross is clueless

Billionaire Trump cabinet member Ross doesn’t have any idea what the unpaid federal workers are going through.  Neither does Trump’s daughter-in-law or Kudlow.  Many people live paycheck to paycheck.


Paul Krugman points out that the US has started a trade war over fewer employees than the number affected by the shutdown.

Open this tweet to get the thread of reactions from federal employees:

More on the sham offer from the Republicans

They don’t just want the wall.  Without telling us, they loaded up their bill with anti-asylum provisions they know Democrats won’t accept.

Trump has no strategy beyond bullying and intimidation

McConnell and Ryan advised him against the shutdown but he did it anyway.  He has not made any offer that Democrats could accept. He doesn’t have a plan if bullying doesn’t work.  If he insists on the wall,  I don’t see how this ends.  It’s unfortunate that Trump is using 800,000 federal employees as hostages.  I feel for them, not Trump.

Trump’s poll numbers are dropping

This is not winning.

The majority blames him for the shutdown.

More people oppose the wall than support it.

The majority doesn’t want a shutdown over the wall.

The shutdown is hurting Federal employees

Trump is hurting employees to get a wall the majority of people don’t want.  The Republican senate bill has provisions to make asylum harder – it’s not just the wall.

Open the government.  It’s Trump’s shutdown (or should I say Fox News’s shutdown since they call the shots).  I think we are paying Trump $400,000 to watch Fox TV and tell us what it says.  If I wanted to know, I would watch it myself.

They don’t understand the problems the employees have:

McConnell’s bill is a sham

It’s not a compromise.