Michael Flynn admitted he was guilty

Trump may pardon him anyway. He belongs in jail.

Joe Arpaio is running for sheriff again

He’s the convicted bigot pardoned by Trump.

Trump is considering pardoning Manafort

Nobody can stop him and Republicans won’t object.

Pardons after charges – timelines

I would not be shocked in Trump pardoned Manafort.  Since Cohen implicated Trump, he won’t be getting a pardon.

Trump shouldn’t comment on the Manafort trial while it is going on

And the Manafort team thanked him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump pardons Manafort.  The Republicans won’t do anything and Democrats are powerless.

More bad Trump pardons

Trump pardons arsonists.

update 7/12/18:

Anti-Government Groups Cheer Trump’s Pardons of Ranchers Who Inspired Militia