Trump administration negotiated with the payday loan industry before rolling back regulations

Another lie from a dishonest administration

AOC was excellent yesterday

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) did a great job at the Cohen hearing. She asked probing questions, didn’t grandstand and followed up on issues raised by other Democrats. (Republicans only emphasized that Cohen was a liar and felon – they had no issues with Trump’s behavior.)

Sure, she has made some mistakes in her discussions of taxes and the green new deal. Not everything she proposes is easy to achieve but she is right to aim high. However, she does now have people discussing the right issues and that is commendable. Notice how often Republicans attack her for her background, clothes, etc. instead of the issues..

Trump is a racist. Meadows is a racist.

They’re both racist birther movement believers. I don’t care that Trump has a black employee, I’m sure lots of racists do.

let’s see proof of the apology

Keep the indictment talk coming

If they can do it in Israel, we should be able to do it here and indict Trump if he has committed crimes (which seems obvious to me). Lock him up!

Trump again believes a dictator

He accepts Kim’s story on the death of Otto Warmbier. Trump loves dictators. Sad!

Republicans trash blue slip tradition

The blue slip is a Senate tradition which enables a Senator to block a judicial appointment for their state. Obama and his predecessors honored it. Republicans just trashed it. McConnell will do anything to confirm extremist judges.

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EPA update 2/27/19

Indict, don’t impeach

I want to Trump to be indicted, not impeached. Impeachment will fail in the Senate. Enough Republicans will not vote to remove Trump regardless of the evidence. I think it’s clear by now he committed crimes. The most obvious one is election fraud over the payments to the mistresses. Cohen is going to jail for this. Trump should, too. I am glad to see some people say that Trump can be indicted. I am also glad to see people pushing for release of the Mueller report, even if DOJ won’t indict Trump. He’s not above the law and we should see the evidence of his actions.

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The summit is just a photo op and a distraction

Trump won’t get anything from Kim. It’s horrible that he is sucking up to a dictator. The only question is how much he will give away so he can have a photo op for a deal.