Coronavirus research news 11/30/20

COVID deniers

Some even deny it when they have it. I blame Trump for spreading all of this misinformation.

Latest on Trump’s endless lies

Covers: Cotton Fields

“Cotton Fields” was written by Lead Belly and recorded by him in 1940. There have been lots of covers by a wide range of artists. The strangest one I found was by Teresa Brewer and the Muppets.

The Beach Boys version (1969) was number 1 in Australia, South Africa, Sweden and Norway, and top five in other countries. The Creedence Clearwater Revival version (1970) was number 1 in Mexico.

another strange cover
earlier version from 1968
in French!

Trump’s racist attacks on Black voters

Cororavirus in prisons

Trump team lies about the transition after the 2016 election

Trump lies about everything.

People are ignoring advice and traveling for Thanksgiving

Masks work