New York Times on Trump’s campaign to subvert the election

analysis of why Trump lost

End the Senate filibuster

McConnell will use it to block legislation if it isn’t eliminated.

This has been brewing for a long time

Sonny Fox

I grew up in New York from 1953-1964. Before there was UHF, we had three independent stations (channels 5,9 and 11). We had seven stations (including public television and the networks) I remember Sonny Fox very well. Of the other hosts mentioned, the one I recall the best is Sandy Becker.

COVID-19 statistics 1/31/21

Coronavirus outbreaks 1/31/21

Anti-vaxxers shut down vaccine site in LA

Sounds like cancel culture to me. If they don’t want a vaccine, they shouldn’t prevent others from getting one.

Vaccine news 1/31/21

How to prepare for the COVID-19 vaccine