Widespread support for Biden’s American Rescue Plan

Once again, Republicans are voting strictly on party lines to hurt Biden instead of doing something even the majority of their voters want.

Biden’s COVID relief plan is popular

Republicans want to sabotage Biden

They are more concerned with undermining Biden than helping the country. Sad!

2 in 3 want stimulus checks to be the top priority

Notice how few support McConnell’s top priority – preventing businesses from getting sued.

Most PPP money went to big companies

This is a travesty and not what the program was intended for

Update on Trump’s payroll tax scam

People would have more money now but less next year. It’s a scam.

another Trump lie

Trump administration inserts FBI building into cororavirus bill

This would benefit Trump personally. He wants the FBI to stay in DC so a hotel is not built on their current site that would compete with his hotel. That’s so corrupt. Now Republican senators act innocent but they, not the White House, are responsible for the bill. Sad!

Evictions could be coming

Republicans are to blame for not acting in time.

The new surge in COVID-19 cases

Trump administration won’t say where $600 billion of stimulus loan money went

What are they hiding? It’s our money – we deserve to know where it went.