Recent polls – 9/20/19 update

Trump’s bribing farmers who are losing out because of his tariffs

Trump is bribing farmers to make up for the damage he is doing with his tariffs. I wonder what Republicans would do if a Democratic president gave billions of dollars to primarily Democratic groups like women-owned businesses or HBCUs?

Trump’s war on blue states

Trump attacks blue states that didn’t vote for him but they are doing much better economically than states that support him.

We must see the whistleblower’s complaint

It appears that the Trump administration is violating the law by not turning it over to Congress. Apparently, Trump wanted the Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son in return for military aid. How much corruption does Pelosi need to see. Impeachment was already justified and this just adds to its validity. As usual, Republicans try to confuse the issue. They will let Trump get away with anything as long as he appoints conservative judges.

Trump’s endless lies – update 9/18/19

it runs in the family

Climate update 9/18/19

more bad news for the most part

Chao is being investigated

Trump sure has appointed a bunch of grifters.

Trump lies about Representative Omar

Disgusting and dangerous

Trump administration denying information to the House

They’re hiding something or someone. They have no basis for denying the release of the information to the House.

Update on Trump’s lie about the hurricane

They would fire people for telling the truth!