Republicans in Congress should (but won’t) use the 14th amendment to prevent Trump from being president again

This column is naive. Near the end it states:

 “Congress, led by Republicans willing to break with their party’s extremists, should bring the Jan. 6 tragedy to a close…”

Does anyone really think Republicans would do this? Look what happened to Kinzinger and Cheney. The gutless Republicans in Congress are not going to go against their Trump cult base. Sure, using the 14th amendment to prevent Trump from running is a good idea but it’s not going to be done by Congress once Republicans take over the House. The base doesn’t think Trump led an insurrection – they think he won.

Criminal prosecution of Trump is the only option. It won’t divide the country more than it is already.

Eliminate the Electoral College

For all 25 elections in the 1900s, the popular and Electoral College votes aligned.

For two of the six elections in the 2000s, the Electoral College overrode popular vote choices. (Both times Republicans benefitted, just like they did in 1876 and 1888).

It serves no value. Time for it to go.

The New York Times said Santos lied but the Washington Post didn’t

The Post did a poor job here.

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Mr.T and Nancy Reagan!

Four Nights of a Dreamer is streaming for two weeks

Four Nights of a Dreamer (1971) is a great film that has never been released in the US on Blu-ray or DVD. I saw it about 50 years ago.

Will the Circle Be Unbroken – 50 years

The Washington Post on the real story of the painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware

That patriotic painting of George Washington on Christmas? It was German.