Tweet on actress Michele Morgan

Michele Morgan was a French actress who also made films in the US. I think the first one I saw her in was Passage to Marseille with Humphrey Bogart. I have also seen Port of Shadows and Joan of Paris. She was excellent and I recommend these films. They are all on discs.

Florida Man tweets about food

A lot of Florida Man’s tweets involve food or restaurants

Excellent tweets on films with black directors and black actresses and the Nope screenplay

Bubbles (Michael Jackson’s chimp) is still alive!

I hadn’t heard about Bubbles for a long time.

80 of 85 Ohio children who got measles were unvaccinated

The anti-vax movement has spread way beyond COVID-19

Republican hypocrisy on abortion

Republicans not only want to limit abortion access in states they control, they want to limit it everywhere. They believe in states rights except when they don’t like what states are doing.

The want to make abortion a crime.

Tweets on COVID-19 in wastewater

Tweets on the awful Florida book ban

DeSantis is terrible

Poll results vary but Trump can beat DeSantis

The GOP doesn’t care what Trump has done – liar, bigot, insurrection inciter, it’s all fine with them