Trump lies, then changes policy on the Great Lakes

Trump reverses plan to eliminate funding for Special Olympics

DeVos lied – she defended Trump.

Trump only cares about his base. He is counting on them to vote in order to win re-election.

More on proposed cuts to Special Olympics funding

Trump administration budget plan cuts funding for Special Olympics

Trump’s budget shows he lied about not cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

Pathological liar Trump lied when he said he wouldn’t cut these programs. He also lied about getting rid of the deficit. Why believe anything he says?

Trump continues to punish states that didn’t vote for him.

Trump wants to drag us back to the 19th century when coal was king.

He will lie about the proposed cuts. Remember in the 2018 elections when Trump and other Republicans said they supported insurance for pre-existing conditions while they were trying to end Obamacare? Liars!

Trump administration says veterans program can’t be funded without budget cuts

But it was alright to give rich people massive tax cuts.

HHS will eliminate medical guideline repository

Daily Beast article