Trump calls the press “The Enemy of the People”

The phrase came from Henrik Ibsen’s 1882 play An Enemy of the People. I am a big admirer of Ibsen’s plays but don’t think this one of his best. My favorites are The Wild Duck (1884) and Hedda Gabler (1890).

Why do Michigan protesters have guns?

I don’t want hear any crap from the right wing about Antifa. There were marches and rallies protesting Trump’s election but they didn’t involve guns.

Recent coronavirus polls

This is a bad time for newspapers

Where to buy masks by mail

Here’s what I’ve seen. So far, I have masks from Custom Ink and SensaCalm.

Review of best cloth masks

Esquire article

NFL masks article

CNET article

Look Human face mask covers

Masks you can buy to support charities

Maskonic masks

Michaels masks

Legion M masks

tie-dyed masks

medical masks 50-pack

NOK Warrior Pleated Washable Face Mask

Nomad makes masks and sanitizer

Business Insider article

Tagotee masks

Trump was warned about the coronavirus in January and February

He ignored the warnings. I blame him for many deaths that could have been avoided.

Great column by Margaret Sullivan on how Trump plays the media

another excellent column

Trump tweets deep fake Biden video

There is no bottom for what Trump won’t do to win the election. He’s desperate now.