John Lewis

John Lewis’s funeral is going on now. He will continue to be an inspiration to all of us. America should honor him by passing the voting rights bill already approved by the House.

Trump suggests delaying the election

But it’s ok to open schools? (See tweet below from Mikel Jollett.)

Trump will do anything to sabotage the election.

This worries me
This also worries me. Trump thinks he has unlimited power. Pompeo is wrong.

Trump wanted the British Open at one of his properties


This is an abuse of his office. Sad!

DHS lies about New York

Wear a mask

Everyone should wear a mask. This isn’t about politics. The Trump cult is ignoring science and preventing the country from lowering the threat from the virus.

Trump accuses critics of treason and hating the country

My idea of treason is what Trump does by doing things to benefit Putin. I hate Trump, I don’t hate the country. Trump is trying to stifle dissent by his poisonous talk and using troops to attack protesters.

Trump won’t stand up to Putin

Once again. Trump takes Putin’s side by not asking about the bounties. Does Putin have something on Trump? It sure seems like it. Withdrawing troops from Germany also helps Russia. We need a president who works for America, not Putin. Sad!

I assume Trump is lying
Trump probably gets Russian talking points in his calls with Putin.

Trump lies about throwing out the first pitch

It appears that he made it up because he was jealous of Fauci. Trump lies about everything.

Trump and his son are spreading more nonsense about hydroxychloroquine