Republican voter challenges are part of their voter suppression efforts

Reforming the Electoral College is good. Do you expect Trump and his cult to follow new laws when they won’t follow current ones?

I don’t. If the Republican candidate loses in 2024, I don’t expect them to concede and I expect another insurrection. Do you really think Trump or his cult would respect new laws? The best way to prevent another insurrection is to punish people like Trump who incited it, planned it and funded it, not just the folks who stormed the Capitol. The jail time has to be so severe that tey won’t do it again.

As it stands now, Trump and other extremists would just recruit more chumps to replace any that are in jail. Since the leaders haven’t been punished, there’s no reason for them not to do it again.

Tweets on US income and wealth inequality

Airplane poop

Lots of stuff on pooping on planes

There’s no good reason to show news correpondents in hurricanes

I call it weather porn. They could just show the view from a camera without having someone get pelted by wind and rain. We could see the bad weather without a miserable person in the picture.

Why do we want to see other people suffering? This also applies to shows like Highway Thru Hell and Heavy Rescue 401. They show an endless series of trucks destroyed by accidents, generally in snowy weather in Canada.

I agree with this tweet.

Media coverage of Biden’s student loan plan doesn’t put the cost in perspective

Sure, $400 billion is a lot of money but it’s only about half of the annual defense budget. They don’t point out the cost is spread out over many years. I kept pointing this out on Twitter. I guess this is part of the media’s attempt to be balanced in coverage of both parties.

Washington Post redistricting analysis

Joe Bussard 1936-2022

Joe Bussard had a record collection of about 15,000 old recordings and shared his knowledge and the music in his collection.