Republicans keep attacking George Soros

Bigots and liars!  Sad!

Trump supporters believe conspiracy theories about the bombs

This is frightening.  These people believe nonsense.  I don’t see how we ever can have a reasonable political discussion with Trump cult members.   They’ll be like this after Trump’s presidency too since they appear to get their news from conspiracy sites.

The supporters were interviewed at Trump’s North Carolina rally tonight.

It’s not just the Trump cult members at the rally:

Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and others stick with conspiracy theories after mail-bomb suspect’s arrest

Bomb suspect’s van

Of course, Trump doesn’t see the facts.

Conspiracy theories run amok

Now that they have caught the bomb suspect, the far right is trying to blame the left. They say the bomb threat is fake or blame the left.  The suspect’s van and had pro-Trump and anti-liberal stickers all over.   Sad!

I tweeted:

Of course, it happened.

Here’s some of the crazy stuff from right wing conspiracy theorists.

Good overview:

New York Times on the false flag theory

D’Souza was pardoned by Trump

Washington Post on why false narratives don’t go away

Trump supporter think it’s a liberal hoax

After ‘false flag’ narrative takes hold, some conservatives scramble to drown out far right