Vigilantes in New Mexico

Trump is restricting asylum seekers

Trump has stopped talking/tweeting about the caravan

It  was just a ploy to get his cult to vote.  He duped his cult and the media.


U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump’s call to arms

This is scary with big potential for violence.

I hope Trump-inspired people like these don’t try to intimidate voters on Tuesday.

Militia members showing up on NM border





Caravan coverage overkill

The media is falling for Trump’s bait.   Sad!


Fake caravan photos

The right wing will lie with pictures as well as words.  Sad!






Notice Ginni Thomas calls the caravan an invasion. The alleged Pittsburgh shooter called the caravan members invaders so I guess that’s the buzz word on the extreme right.


The Republican Party should pay for sending the troops to the border

It’s just a political stunt to create fear in the Trump cult.

They won’t even tell us what’s going on.

Trump lies about asylum seekers


Republicans keep attacking George Soros

Bigots and liars!  Sad!