Right-wing conspiracy theories about Paul Pelosi haven’t stopped

They’ve all been debunked but the Trump cult won’t apologize or stop. I’ll bet 1/3 of the country believes their disgusting lies.

Stanford mascot suspended for holding “Stanford hates fun” sign

Right-wing poisonous use of “regime”

About 2/3 of Republicans will never accept that Biden won in 2020. This is one way they show it. “Regime” makes it sound like dictators, not elected officials. Just search “Biden Regime” on Twitter to see GOP garbage.

Tweets on climate change – 10/31/22 update

Inflation has affected the world, not just the US

Excellent point on GOP polls

Republicans will use this as a reason not to accept election results.

More on antisemitism

I am 69 and Jewish. I think there is more public antisemitism than at any point in my life. I blame Trump for making it acceptable for his cult. It’s right there with their anti-Asian and Anti-Black hatred.

Covers: Theme from New York, New York

“Theme from New York, New York” is famous because of Frank Sinatra’s version. It was originally recorded by Liza Minnelli in the film New York, New York. Read this Twitter thread for some history.

Terrible New York Times column

Blaming Biden for lack of media coverage is ridiculous! The media has to take responsibility for their excessive coverage of Trump and inadequate coverage of Biden.

Wisconsin’s extreme Republican gerrymandering