Don’t forget about the Buffalo mass shooting

The Uvalde mass shooting is terrible but let’s not forget the Buffalo mass shooting that also was recent.

Terrorism isn’t terrorism if a white supremacist does it

His defense was he says the same kind of stuff Trump does.

why did they change their mind?

Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes

This story has been buried by the obsession over the Mueller report but it’s really important. Trump’s hateful rhetoric sparks hateful acts. Words have consequences. He always denies it but it is clearly true. Sad!

Hate crimes are up 17%

I blame Trump for a large part of it.  His hateful, bigoted speeches and tweets hive riled up the bigots in his cult.  I also blame Fox News and other right wing outlets.

Their influence was clear in the recent bomb mailings and synagogue mass murder.  And no, the answer is not more people with guns.