Trump’s lie on Saudi Arabian oil production

Trump said he got Saudi Arabia to increase oil production.  Saudi Arabia won’t say that.  It’s just another of Trump’s endless lies.

If Democrats win the House or Senate, they can see Trump’s tax returns

I haven’t forgotten that Trump won’t release his tax returns.  What is he hiding?  Is he getting income in rubles?  Congress should pass a law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns.

If he wasn’t willing to release his returns, he shouldn’t have run for president.

This article notes that there is “…a rarely used provision in the Internal Revenue Code that lets the chairman of Ways and Means, Senate Finance or the Joint Committee on Taxation request anyone’s tax returns — including the president’s — from the Treasury secretary. ”

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Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns

Ten things about Trump’s taxes

60 employees at a nail factory lose their jobs because of Trump’s tariffs.

I don’t want people to lose jobs but I have no sympathy for Trump supporters who lose their jobs because of his tariffs.  He’s doing what he said he was going to do and you voted for him.

Ambassador to Estonia resigns over Trump rhetoric

He wrote “For the President to say the [European Union] was ‘set up to take advantage of the United States, to attack our piggy bank,’ or that ‘NATO is as bad as NAFTA’ is not only factually wrong, but proves to me that it’s time to go.”

Trump’s failed effort to buy a Scottish property

This deal failed because Trump couldn’t get financing.  Sad!

Good column on civility

This column by Greg Sargent addresses the civility issue.  He is write to blame Trump as the root of the problem.

He writes: “…we cannot seriously debate the “civility” question without placing the role of Trump’s deliberate provocations in causing all the anger front and center.

Trump’s own advisers have explicitly said they see stirring up anger around immigration and race as a political strategy. Stephen Miller called this “constructive controversy — with the purpose of enlightenment.” Stephen K. Bannon enthused that “our thing is to throw gasoline on the resistance.””


D’Souza retweeted tweets – one had the hashtag #burnthejews and another had the hashtag #bringbackslavery

Remember Dinesh D’Souza, who was recently pardoned by Trump?

What a bigot!

This is how he talks

update 10/28/18:

Blue wave in Miami

The article notes that Democrats have won three special elections in Miami-Dade County in the last nine months.  Voting is the only way to take the country back from Trump and his enablers.

How can we have a civil discussion on immigration

Your president:

Democrats don’t want open borders

Democrats don’t want MS-13

Democrats don’t want crime

How can we talk to someone who lies about what we think?  Trump doesn’t really want to negotiate on immigration.  He wants to keep it alive as issue through the 2018 election to get his bigots riled up.