USA Today/Suffolk U poll on Trump approval and impeachment

Impeachment won’t work – we need indictments (after Trump leaves office, if necessary) if Trump is guilty.


Trump judges – Democrats must take some of the blame


from the article:

“As of Monday, when the White House announced its “seventeenth wave of judicial nominations” — picture Marines storming a beach — President Trump has nominated two Supreme Court justices, 36 court of appeals judges and 99 district judges.
That’s 137 judges in roughly 19 months on the job. If he maintains this pace, Trump could replace more than 30 percent of all active judges by the end of his first term.”

Trump lie about Clinton servers

Lies, lies, lies

Trump tweeted about McGahn’s departure without telling him

Trump sounds like a terrible boss.

Trump’s newspaper tariff nullified

Great news.  The tariff had been very harmful for the newspaper industry.

more background