More misleading headlines

More twitter headlines that very misleading.  It’s not easy to be concise and accurate but it can be done.

and this

Religious influence is decreasing in the US

I’m an atheist.

China imported no US soybeans in November

This is what Trump’s trade policies get us.  He’s not making good deals – he’s harming US businesses.




“Trump’s New Jersey golf club accused of giving fake green cards, Social Security numbers to undocumented employees”

another crooked Trump enterprise

Trump has acted like laws don’t apply to him.  I hope he winds up in jail.


Articles on hangover cures

just passing these along – don’t know if they work


Baltimore’s population loss and efforts to revitalize it

Trump learned nothing from the massive Republican House losses in the midterms

This will hurt Trump and the Republicans going forward (which is fine with me).  Trump just lives in his Fox News bubble and ignores the facts.

from the article linked to above:

“Republican critics, such as veteran strategist Mike Murphy, say Trump is threatening the GOP by “learning nothing from November and playing to the third of the country that he already has.””

Trump cancels pay raise for civilian federal employees

I guess he thinks they’re mostly Democrats.  Trump only cares about his base.  He has no interest in being the president of the entire country.   Budget restraints are partially caused by his tax cuts which reduced revenue.