Flynn transcripts show he is guilty

I wonder if Trump and Pence still want him back.

Bail Funds

ActBlue page to donate to bail funds

Trump retweets QAnon slogans

Trump has done nothing helpful during this crisis. He’s just riling up his cult members. It would be pointless for him to make a speech. Even if he said the right things, he would not be able to say them in a sincere, believable way.

Trump doesn’t vet the accounts he retweets anymore than he vets the people he hires.

Trump makes baseless attack on Antifa

Trump and O’Brien have presented no evidence of Antifa involvement. I am waiting for them to say George Soros funded the protestors. They are distracting from any focus on right-wing extremists. I think Trump will try the Nixon racist “law and order” strategy.

Because they vote for him

Trump lies update