Vaccine polls 10/28/21

Republicans are getting a free pass

The media focuses on Democratic infighting without pointing out that Republicans are doing nothing to help the country and in fact are impediments.

Maryland is a southern state

A recent poll of Maryland residents showed that the majority think this is a northern state. Obviously, they have never lived in the north. I grew up in New York and suburban Philadelphia. One thing that disqualifies Maryland from being a northern state is there terrible handling of snow. They close schools on many days I know I would have gone to school in New York. Pathetic.

I also think there are a lot more people here with ancestors from the south than from the north. When I interviewed people in the 1970s when I worked for the government, I think I spoke to about 10 times as many people born south of Baltimore than born north of here.

Another reason Maryland is a southern state is that we had Confederate monuments which were recently removed. You didn’t see them up north (except in places like the Gettsyburg battlefield).

Biden is appointing a lot of judges

The US is way behind on family leave

Really bad it got cut

Wisconsin Republicans won’t accept the facts

Republicans won’t accept facts

The Trump cult wants election subversion

Nearly a dozen states enacted laws this year that could subvert the results of future elections, analysis finds