One poll shows that 40% of Republicans think Russian interference is alright if they keep control of Congress


The original column on the poll.

Tax roundup

Rick Newman on Yahoo says that “Business tax payments plunge, while workers pay more”

Huge payouts for CEOs

I can vouch for the withholding issue described below.  I get a federal pension and my federal tax withholding was reduced by 17%.  No way my taxes are going down that much.  I reset it to last year’s monthly amount.  I will see how close that is when I file my taxes in 2019.

Trump’s next tax scam

Most of the benefits from the Trump tax cuts went to rich people.  Now they want to give the wealthy even more in tax cuts.   They can’t even try to claim this will help most people.

2018 election security roundup

Trump has shown no leadership in stopping Russian hacking in the 2018 elections.  There are other potential problems.

Costs for universal health care



“Medicare for all could save businesses trillions of dollars”

From the article linked to above:

“On the whole, the Blahous analysis finds that total health spending would actually decline under the Sanders plan, compared with the status quo, with the feds paying a lot more, but everybody else paying nothing. And more people would get coverage, since everybody would be eligible. ”

update 8/9/18:

Why a business CFO supports Trump’s tariffs

I don’t agree with him but I think we should hear his point of view.

Taxpayers are spending a lot of money for security for Trump’s sons


Ethics experts cleared Mueller