Right-wing extremists and evangelicals raising money for Kenosha killer

It’s unbelievable that people would support a kid who apparently murdered two people. Trump won’t disown him either. He went to a Trump rally.

Trump’s payroll tax fiasco

Employees will get more money now but less money next year when the tax is recouped. It’s confusing and hard to implement. Making people think they are getting more money is another Trump scam. It also doesn’t help the millions of people who are unemployed. It will severely damage Social Security if the tax cut is permanent.

Scalise retweets altered video

Another altered video tweeted by Republicans

Trump retweets tweet that lies about attack

It wasn’t a Black Lives Matter or Antifa attack. It was from 2019. Trump is a liar and he retweets liars. We’re going to have to deal with his avalanche of dishonesty during the campaign.

Economic inequality

Rosenstein limited Mueller

He prevented a full investigation of Trump’s connections to Russia. This is disgraceful.

More fake right-wing video

A misleading edited video

and more fake photos

Biden condemns violence

Trump supports and encourages right-wing vigilantes. I don’t hold Biden responsible – it’s Trump’s country and his own staff said he benefits from the violence.

meanwhile in Trump world:

More on the virus at schools