Taxpayers should not have to pay for Trump’s political speeches

Trump rarely gives a speech that is not at least partially a campaign speech.  Taxpayers should not have to pay the costs for the speech if he is incapable of sticking to presidential business.

This is a summary of his “infrastructure” speech on March 29th.  He told lies, bashed “fake news”, Hillary Clinton and former President Obama, and even talked about the ratings for “Roseanne”.  I don’t want to pay for this!  He should do this with his own money.

The top cable networks eventually cut away from the speech and they should have.

Trump took advantage of the networks in 2016 and he is still doing it.  Trump is already running for reelection and Democrats should get equal time when he gives a political speech.  Sad!

I hate the Colts

The Colts left Baltimore at night on March 29, 1984.  Here’s the Baltimore Sun front page from the next day.

Like many others, I wish they had changed the name of the team and the uniforms and left the Colts legacy here.  When the Patriots play the Colts, I call it “Cheaters vs. Deserters”.

I recommend ESPN’s 30 for 30 program on the Baltimore Colts marching band which stayed together after the team left town.  Here’s the trailer.  The Blu-ray also includes Bob Irsay’s outrageous drunken news conference.

More on the EPA and climate change

The EPA wants to scrap fuel economy standards.  This will cause a conflict with California which had the nerve to vote for Clinton so it must be punished.

Phoenix is working with Arizona State University to plan on addressing climate change.

More on the EPA’s approach to science:

“Sound science”, which the EPA wants to push, doesn’t exist.

Former top EPA officials say Pruitt’s approach will paralyze the EPA.

Even the man who led the EPA under Nixon and Reagan disagrees with Pruitt’s approach.