White supremacists at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington

This is a terrible incident at a great independent bookstore.

Trump’s trade wars hurt farmers

Trump’s trade policy is hurting farmers. Trump lies about the estate tax changes. They won’t help many farmers. He has told this lie many times.

The tweets from Daniel Dale are from prior times he has lied about this.

Trump called the estate tax a ‘tremendous burden’ on family farmers. Here’s the truth.

Climate change update 4/28/19

a roundup of tweets and articles

We’re losing the war on climate change

White supremacists are a big problem

Trump lies at his rally in Wisconsin

He really liked about abortion.

Cryer is right – these are lies! Call them lies!
Trump lied
He inspires these terrorists with his bigotry
They cut heads off.

The number is exaggerated – I have a post on that.