Trump’s plan to help poor communities is a bonanza for the rich

Just another Trump scam

Comments by Paul Krugman

The 2020 election will be terrible

Neither side will have confidence in the results. I blame the Republicans for their voter fraud lies, voter suppression, and McConnell’s unwillingness to act on election security. This is going to divide the country even more. Sad!

USA TODAY/Suffolk poll: Americans dread the 2020 election

More of a preview of Trump’s ugly re-election tactics

He will lie about Democratic positions on guns. They are not trying to repeal the Second Amendment.

Trump says Democrats want criminals and open borders. Another lie.

Trump will try to make the ‘squad’ (four liberal Democratic freshmen congressional representatives who aren’t white) the face of the Democratic party. In fact, the Democratic base is more moderate than the extremely conservative Republican base.

Trump is already making personal attacks on leading Democratic contenders Biden and Warren. He will try to do what he did in 2016. He will never be popular so he will try to destroy his opponent and make them more unpopular than him. He will not run on the issues.

He’s making phony fraud claims about the 2016 election to set his cult up to believe the results are wrong if he loses.

GOP attacks on the ‘squad’.

Trump administration sides with industry instead of science

Many Republicans don’t trust science.

More on how Trump’s policies are hurting the lobster industry

Trump tweets photo of Iran that is apparently classified

Trump keeps lying when he says Comey released classified information. Trump released classified information to Russian diplomats in the White House. Now, he has released an apparently classified picture of Iranian military installations.

Trump’s pro-Russia policies, attacks on our allies and reckless release of classified information is going to make it less likely that other countries will provide intelligence information to the US. Trump is making us less safe. Sad!

Trump supporters lie when they say Trump doesn’t lie

Only 18% of Republicans think climate change is an emergency

at least young people get it

Trump’s policies are bad for farmers

China is buying food from other countries instead of the US. I think US farmers have lost business permanently thanks to Trump.

Barr is holding a party at Trump’s hotel

This is corrupt. Is it legal? I hope someone challenges it. This is why Trump should have gotten rid of his businesses. If he didn’t want to do it, he should not have run for president.