The right-wing FBI failure to anticipate 1/6

More evidence of Trump’s success at politicizing the government.

Andrew McCabe will not be charged

Another attack by Trump fails. I wish there was some way McCabe could get his pension. I hope he sues. Now Trump will whine about it. Trump keeps trying to make people who he thinks of as enemies get charged with crimes. Meanwhile, it’s his cronies (Manafort, Flynn, Stone) who are convicted.

The last sentence makes an excellent point.

70% of voters think Trump shouldn’t fire Mueller

66% of Republicans believe Trump’s lie that there were spies in his campaign.  There are no facts to support it and prominent congressional Republicans have said it’s not true.  The Republican voters believe Trump.

The FBI meeting with Congress on the informant will only include Republicans




Trump’s outrageous claim about the FBI

Remember when Trump said that Obama wiretapped him?  This was a lie with no supporting evidence.  Trump has done it again with his claim that the FBI embedded someone in his campaign.  This is another baseless claim designed to take attention away from the actual activities of the Trump campaign.

Think about it:

  1. The FBI was investigating Clinton’s emails during the campaign.  Comey made two public statement which contributed to Clinton’s loss in the election.
  2. The FBI was investigating the Trump’s campaign’s contacts with Russia (an enemy of the US) during the campaign.  The FBI said nothing about this during the campaign.  Neither did President Obama.

If the FBI and Obama wanted to hurt Trump and help Clinton, they would have said something before the election about the connections between Russia and the Trump campaign.  They didn’t.  The facts are the opposite of Trump’s outrageous claim since their inaction helped Trump.


Update:  Here’s a great tweet:

A majority of Republicans think the FBI and DOJ are framing Trump

According to this poll, 61% of Republicans think the FBI and Department of Justice are framing Trump.  Only 7% of Democrats think that.

Here’s another poll on a similar question