More polls on the Barr letter

Overall, the public is not convinced Trump and his team are innocent. It has not improved his ratings.

Covers: Elvis Costello – Get Happy!!

Get Happy!! (1980) is a very underrated album by Elvis Costello. Influenced by R&B, Elvis crammed 20 brief songs into the album. The reissue has 30 bonus tracks! Most were original but there were two covers. Both were great but very different from the original versions.

I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down

The 1967 original version by Sam and Dave was a slow ballad. Elvis really speeds it up. It was released as a single.

I Stand Accused

The original version was by Jerry Butler (1964). It was covered by Isaac Hayes (1970). Both of these versions are slow ballads. Elvis again cranks it up and speeds it up.

McConnell’s impact on judicial picks

This is extremely important:

Will the Supreme Court strike down or limit abortion rights?

There are lots of new laws that will give them that opportunity. With the new conservative justices, this is a real possibility. Polling shows support for Roe v. Wade but the far right doesn’t care what the public wants. The Trump administration has been very hostile to abortion rights. Trump and other Republicans lie about Democratic positions on abortions.

New state laws ban abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant!

A question for concealed carry supporters

Concealed carry supporters want to be able to carry concealed weapons in states that ban that if it is legal in their home state. Would they feel the same way about marijuana? If it’s legal in my state, is it alright for me to smoke it anywhere? I’m sure they would say no which exposes their hypocrisy. They’re big on states rights as long as you follow the laws of their state. Sad!

Charles Addams

Before the Addams Family TV show from the 1960s and the Addams Family films from the 1990s, there were the cartoons by Charles Addams. They primarily appeared in the New Yorker.

Most of the characters from the TV show appear in the cartoons. Thing and Cousin It were not in the cartoons as far as I know but every other major character was in the cartoons. Addams also drew other cartoons that featured his sinister sense of humor. Books and prints are available. This is the link to the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation.

Trump’s wrong attacks on the Washington Post and New York Times

The Washington Post and New York Times told the truth. Just because Mueller didn’t charge Trump with criminal activity doesn’t mean the articles were wrong. Trump should not attack them. He says ‘no collusion”. I say “no retractions”.

Trump. Jr. doesn’t know much about Pulitzer prizes so he should keep his mouth shut. Sad!