Trump retweets another terrible video

This is disgusting.

Trump lies about the lobster industry

Trump lies and lies

Rolling Stones threaten legal action against Trump

The Rolling Stones are so old that only Ron Wood is younger than Trump.

They are hardly the only musicians who have asked Trump to stop using their music. He just ignores them like the bills he gets from cities after his rallies.

Big Star

Big Star was one of the best bands of the 1970s. Unfortunately, many of us (including me) didn’t know about them because of record label distribution problems. I first became aware of them from an import CD in the 1980s.

Keep An Eye On The Sky is a four CD set from Rhino.

A Man Called Destruction is a fine book about Alex Chilton, the most prominent member of Big Star.

From Stax Records:

Jody Stephens, legendary drummer and CEO of Ardent Studios, spends 30 minutes with host, Tom DeSavia. Jody shares what he’s up to right now and reflects on early days with Memphis’ legendary rock band Big Star. From upcoming new music, to his appreciation of the recent Craft Big Star reissues, Jody’s grace and gratitude solidify his standing as the undisputed nicest guy in rock ‘n’ roll.

The show is here

Blobfest 2020: July 10-11

This year, Blobfest will be online because of the pandemic. It’s a great event and I encourage you to support it.

Here’s where you can get merchandise such as posters and shirts and also the schedule.

This has the schedule
This is one of the films that will be shown on a double bill during Blobfest. It’s very funny.
The Little Shop of Horrors is much more famous than A Bucket of Blood but they are very similar and a lot of the same people were involved in making both films.

Conspiracy theories spread on Facebook

More on the Russian bounty story

The White House has denied that Trump and Pence were briefed but I think that’s just another lie. If it’s true, that shows a real failure in Trump’s intelligence structure. Notice that Trump has not denied the substance of the story – Russia paid for deaths of American soldiers. Its appalling that he spoke at West Point while he is allowing Russia to pay for our soldiers to get killed.

Also notice that Trump has done nothing about it. He is Putin’s puppet. I wish we knew why. Sad!