Trump pardons people who share his political views

Trump is pardoning Dinesh D’Sousza who pleaded guilty to making illegal campaign contributions.

He wasn’t treated unfairly.  He was guilty and admitted it.

CNN Analysis of the pardons and their impact on the Russia investigation

Washington Post analysis

It’s always about Trump

Trump did not condemn Roseanne Barr’s racists tweets.  Instead, he used it as an opportunity to make the issue about himself and demand apologies.

Trump is a racist as he has shown repeatedly so it’s not surprising he didn’t disagree with Barr’s tweets.   He has no interest in uniting the country.  He only cares about his base.

Not all Trump supporters are bigots but I think a lot of them are.  He didn’t attack Barr’s remarks so he wouldn’t offend them.  I don’t blame Trump for Barr’s tweets but he has created an environment where bigots are more open because of his encouragement.


Trump lies as usual at his Nashville rally

Fact checks on Trump’s rally this week.  I don’t think he can give a speech without lying.  It’s scary when he incites the crowd to call MS-13 animals.  They’re bad people but they’re still people.

USA Today


NBC News

Associated Press



Minute by minute account

Video of the rally

and there’s this:

White racial resentment is the real reason for welfare cuts

This is an excellent article on white racial resentment and it’s impact on views of the safety net.

It states: “White Americans are more likely to favor welfare cuts when they believe that their status is threatened and that minorities are the main beneficiaries of safety net programs, the study says.

The findings suggest that political efforts to cut welfare programs are driven less by conservative principles than by racial anxiety, the authors conclude.”


Trump attacks our allies on trade

If we have any allies left after all of his terrible behavior…..

Trump imposes tariffs on Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Our allies are perplexed by his policies. 

Trump lies about the Comey firing

Trump today tweeted that he did not fire Comey because of Russia.  There’s lots of proof in his own words that he did.  He’s a pathological liar!


The death toll in Puerto Rico is much higher than we were told

The official total is 64 but the actual total is closer to 5,000.

Ivanka Trump’s conflict of interest


Then the president wants to help Chinese firm ZTE.

The article states: “Even as Mr. Trump contends with Beijing on issues like security and trade, his family and the company that bears his name are trying to make money off their brand in China’s flush and potentially promising market.”

It sure looks like a conflict of interest to me!

Many members of Congress oppose the ZTE deal.

Good for ABC for canceling Roseanne

Congratulations to ABC for putting values over money when they cancelled “Roseanne” because of the star’s disgusting tweets.  Maybe Fox News will pick the show up.

Here’s an overview of what happened.

Roseanne had apologized and said it was a joke.  It wasn’t a joke.  Saying it was a joke is the strategy Trump uses when he says especially repulsive things.

Some tweets:


More from Cillizza is located here.

A really outrageous lie about George Soros

This fact check notes: ” George Soros has frequently been the target of smear campaigns, none more odious than the persistent — and false — claim that Soros, a Jew, was a Nazi sympathizer, collaborator, and/or paramilitary officer during World War II.”

Keep in mind that Soros was only 14 when the war ended!

Roseanne Barr tweeted this lie.